GEL Orange City, FL
1200 S. Leavitt Ave.
Orange City, FL 32763

GEL Daytona Beach, FL
2656 Tomoka Farms Rd.
Port Orange, FL 32128

GEL Jacksonville, FL
4031 N. Liberty St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206

GEL Garden City, GA
10 Hoss Dr
Garden City, GA 31408

The GEL Materials Recycling Facility's (MRF's) serve as the processing center
for recyclable material from Volusia, Flagler, Orange, Seminole and Duval
counties curbside and commercial/business recycling programs.  The MRF(s)
also act as Buy Back Recycling Centers open to the public and business.  The
MRF(s) accept  corrugated cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper products, plastic
bottles, cans, and scrap metals.  By recycling these items residents reduce the
amount of trash going to the landfill, improve economic competitiveness and
provide employment opportunities.


Reuse and recycling of C&D materials is one component of a larger holistic
practice called sustainable or green building construction. The efficient use of
resources is a fundamental tenet of green building construction. This means
reducing, reusing, and recycling most if not all materials that remain after a
construction or renovation project. Green building construction practices can
include salvaging dimensional lumber from the project, using aggregates
reclaimed from crushed concrete, or grinding drywall scraps for use on site as a
soil amendment.
At the end of a building’s life, demolition generates large amounts of materials
that can be reused or recycled, principally wood, concrete and other types of
masonry, and drywall. Rather than demolish an entire building, consider
“reconstructing” all or part of the structure. Deconstruction is the orderly
dismantling building components for reuse or recycling. In contrast to demolition,
where buildings are knocked down and materials are either landfilled or
recycled, deconstruction involves carefully taking apart portions of buildings or
removing their contents with the primary goal being reuse. It can be as simple as
stripping out cabinetry, fixtures, and windows, or as involved as manually taking
apart the building frame.
Through careful planning, reuse and recycling of C&D materials can actually be
more economical than disposal.  GEL has the state of the art recycling
equipment to process all of your construction and demolition debris needs.  
The plant in Orange City is one of the few in Central Florida with the capabilities
of processing large amount of construction debris.  The equipment processes
materials from different types of construction and demolition sites.  Call and find
out all the items that we recycle from your construction debris and save space in
our landfills.


The GEL Orange City MRF has been recycling concrete since 1985.  We use
concrete from demolition sites from bridges, sidewalks, driveways, blocks and
brick paver's.  The concrete is crushed and re manufactured into three products
which we sell to commercial business and residential customers.  Our recycled
concrete products include road base, pea rock, and drainfield rock.  Call Orange
City office for prices on delivery and availability (386)775-5385


GEL Recycling welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, dealers,
brokers and individuals looking to recycle scrap metals. Accurate scale weights,
efficient receiving practices and timely payments make GEL Recycling the
recycling partner of choice.  Our new location in Garden City, Ga is purchasing
newspaper,sorted office,cardboard. Pricing changes every month,call the office
for prices. We also have pickup service and front load service.


Examples of yard waste debris acceptable at the GEL Recycling facility include
grass clippings, shrubbery trimmings, leaves, limbs, logs, brush, pine straw, and
hay. Yard waste material must not be mixed with other trash, rocks, or dirt.


Our company has been doing recycling programs for events such as the
Daytona  and Deland Bike Rally.  Contact GEL for your next sports event, art
festival, school or church function. We can provide recycle bins for aluminum
cans, plastics, cardboard or newspaper  Reduce the amount of waste at your
next event by recycling.