Commercial cardboard and paper recycling

Reasons to Use Commercial Cardboard and Paper Recycling Services In Florida

If you own and operate a business in Volusia County, you know just how much paper you still throw away each day that you are open for business. Despite the paperless revolution, it seems like it’s not possible to get away from the use of paper entirely. Many companies simply throw away all their used paper these days, believing that recycling services are too expensive to bother with.

The trouble with throwing away paper waste is that you are impacting the environment and wasting usable resources every day that you do business. There are better solutions out there to use to dispose of your paper waste of various kinds. If you want to learn more about commercial cardboard and paper recycling services for your business, you need to keep reading.

Why Your Florida Business Should Recycle Paper and Cardboard

1.       Saving Florida The Planet

This is the most obvious reason to take an interest in what happens to the paper and cardboard waste your business generates. In the US alone, paper and cardboard accounted for 67.4 million tons of waste in 2018. Nearly all of this paper waste could have been recycled, allowing for the creation of paper products, jobs, and a healthier planet.

 Even if you don’t work with cardboard in your daily processes at your business, that does not mean that you don’t have cardboard waste as well as paper waste going to your local dump. Printer paper boxes, banker’s boxes, and other products that come in cardboard boxes create waste that really adds up.

2.       Removing Clutter and Messes

Many businesses suffer from the same problem. Paper waste and cardboard waste pile up somewhere in a back office until someone finally has the time and interest to take these items to the dump or to the recycling center. Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s also a waste of money compared to signing up for proper cardboard and paper recycling services.

Recycling companies can offer you access to a wide array of recycling services which will include pick-up on a schedule that works for you and various kinds of storage bins or dumpsters. You will be surprised at just how much easier it is to collect and then remove your recycling products once you have a recycling company working hard on your behalf. Taking the cost and guesswork out of the recycling process can be much easier than many companies realize.

3.       Many Items Can be Recycled In Florida

Despite the efforts of recycling companies and public awareness campaigns, many people are still not aware of the wide array of paper and cardboard items that can be recycled. You have probably been throwing away many kinds of paper products that can actually be recycled.

Envelopes, manila folders, boxes of various kinds, catalogs, phone books, magazines, and more can all be recycled. Most people are not aware of this and are throwing out a lot of these items instead. Simply removing the plastic covers from magazines that were never enjoyed makes them recyclable, and removing plastic tabs, staples, and paperclips makes most other kinds of paper easy to recycle.

Single-stream recycling has made it easier than ever to recycle as well. This means that you will not have to sort and itemize your recycling like you used to have to do. You can now just toss all the paper recycling that you own into the recycle bin and let the recycling company take care of the rest.

4.       Better Work Environment

Many business locations already struggle with clutter, and most employees are quite aware of the need to recycle to help keep the environment healthy. Piles of recycling lying around or the choice to throw out all of your paper waste can lead to a negative work environment that is hard on morale. Your more conscious employees might be tempted to take recycling home to add to their own recycling bin, or the team might be hiding all the recycling out of sight in the hopes that someone will deal with it later.

Your recycling policy will show that you care about the environment and the community, and it will also promote a better work environment among your employees. Companies that care about the environment are also much more likely to succeed and secure repeat business than companies that don’t care about these kinds of efforts.

 Don’t let your ambivalence about how to set up recycling processes for your company cause you to hurt your company’s morale and your company’s reputation.

5.       Reduces Emissions For Florida As Well As the World

Everything that has to be harvested as a resource costs the environment in terms of emissions. When you do not recycle paper or cardboard, more resources need to be collected to create new paper products, new boxes, and other paper-based items. Recycling helps to cut down on emissions, which improves life for everyone around the world.

Emissions are the primary environmental problem that recycling tackles. Most people think about filling up landfills, but preventing emission-based pollution is even more important. When your company commits to recycling, you will be protecting the environment in a variety of ways and making the world a better place for everyone.

Commercial Cardboard and Paper Recycling is Good for Everyone, Not Just Florida Residents

If you were on the fence about whether or not it is worth it to recycle the cardboard and paper that your company generates each day, now you should know the truth. There are so many good reasons to invest in a recycling arrangement with your local recycling company. Saving the planet, improving company morale and business reputation, and saving money are all benefits of this kind of recycling effort.

If you own or operate a business of any kind in Florida, you need to reach out to GEL Recycling today. We can help your company to reduce its emissions footprint, and we can make sure that your recycling gets processed correctly for fair prices. You can count on us to be the best partners for your recycling efforts, no matter how much waste your business generates each day.

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