what you should recycle at christmas

What Should You Recycle at Christmas Time?

Christmas is a great time for many families. You will get to spend a lot of time with your loved ones, you can share and give presents to others, and there is just something magical about this time of year. But there is also a lot of trash that can accumulate during this time and harm the world we live in.

The good news is that with a little bit of pre-planning ahead of time, you will be able to recycle some items and make for less waste overall. And you may be surprised at how simple this whole process can be. Let’s take a look at some of the best things that you can recycle at Christmas time to make this season brighter.

Holiday Wrapping Paper That Can Be Reused and Recycled

Tons of wrapping paper will make its way into the landfill each year during this time. If you can find a way to eliminate this waste, you will be able to help save a lot of room in the dump. Since traditional paper might not be accepted at the recycling center, you can consider some recycled paper.

Other options will include paper or fabric bags, putting things in containers that the receiver can keep using again and again, or even party bags that many people will save for the next party they decide to go to.

Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree

things you should recycle at christmas

Many families choose to do a real Christmas tree rather than a fake one. This means that they will need to do something with the tree at the end of the season. Unlike a fake tree that can be used again and again, the real tree will not make it long after the end of the season.

This does not mean that all hope is lost. Have fun with your real tree for the Christmas season and then bring it to a chipper. This will allow it to go into mulch that can be reused again, rather than just sending it out to the landfill to be ignored the whole time. If you have a fireplace, you can even chop up the tree and use it in there to heat your home too.

Consider Experiences Rather Than Gifts

One way that you can eliminate the trash and junk during the holidays is to consider giving experiences rather than gifts to those you love the most. Many gifts are just going to be thrown in the closet or out in the trash. But when you give an experience, your loved one can go make some memories without cluttering up their home. 

You will need to consider what your loved one will like the most when it comes to an experience rather than a gift. Would they like to have concert tickets to a big show that is coming up soon? Or would a nice date night while you watch the kids be more their speed for a break?

You can even give them a few nights in an Airbnb to get out of the home, send them to a local hot spring, or give them a spa time. If you have to give a gift to a family, consider something that they can do together. A zoo pass nearby or another type of pass to wear the kids out will be a welcome change of pace the parents are sure to love.

You need to be a little creative when it comes to figuring out the right experience. It will depend on the individual person or family you would like to give the gift to. With a bit of thought and some good planning, you can give them an experience that they will never forget.

Durability Over Trendiness

While many Christmas lists are going to be full of trendy items that everyone wants, it is better to go with a gift that is durable and meant to last. This prevents those trendy items from going into the garbage can later on when they are no longer trendy.

There are many durable items that look nice and can last a long time. Clothing and bedding is always a popular option that people need and won’t be thrown away too soon. Necessities around the home like new cookware can be beloved as well. And if they do want some new shoes, consider LL Bean boots or something similar to keep the feet warm.

Durability does not mean that you will have to forego some of the quality and trendiness that you are looking for. It just means that you will need to change things around a bit and think about the longevity of that item instead.

Be Careful with the Batteries

Many of the neat Christmas toys that you can give to kids this holiday will need batteries. And they sure know how to drain the battery out more than anything else. Instead of choosing batteries that are going to wear out soon and then need to be thrown away, choose a better option.

For example, many toys that you can purchase come with rechargeable batteries. This allows you to use them again and again as much as you would like. USB charging devices will cut out the need for batteries quite a bit. 

Many of the accessories that you will purchase use a rechargeable battery as well, just check ahead of time to make sure that is what you are getting. Your headphones, computer accessories, and Bluetooth speakers all fit into this category. With rechargeable and USB options, you can make the item last a long time without having to throw out batteries.

Making This Christmas More Environmentally Friendly

what you should recycle from the holidays

There are a lot of things that you can do to help make your Christmas better for the environment, without giving up all of the fun that you have come to know and love in the process. With some of the simple tips that are in this guide, you will be able to keep Christmas happy for your loved ones and the environment around you.

At GEL Recycling, we can accept a wide range of recyclables to help you mean your holidays both “green” and bright. Visit one of our convenient recycling centers to responsibly dispose of any recyclables from your Christmas festivities.

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