how to dispose of waste at your florida job site

How to Dispose of Waste at Your Florida Job Site or Company

If you have a job site or a company that creates items that generate waste, you will need access to the right waste disposal process. Dealing with waste disposal in Florida can be easy if you have the right waste disposal company on your side. You might have been struggling to handle waste products correctly, and you might have been using lots of man-hours to attend to this process.

If you are tired of taking valuable workers off of other jobs to deal with waste disposal, or you have started to generate large bills related to waste disposal, it might be time to change things up. There are correct ways to handle your job site or production waste that you should be using to save money and reduce your job site’s impact on the environment.

If you are ready to learn some more about waste disposal at your Florida job site or company, you need to read on!

What Are Job Site Wastes?

how to dispose of waste at your florida project site

If you are trying to determine what benefits you can enjoy from working with a quality waste disposal company, you will want to know what kinds of items are considered job site waste. Per the letter of the law, these items are considered to be non-water soluble and non-hazardous materials of various kinds. These are the kinds of items that fall under this heading in Florida:

  •         Concrete
  •         Glass
  •         Brick
  •         Steel
  •         Asphalt
  •         Pipe
  •         Wallboard made of gypsum
  •         Lumber
  •         Rocks
  •         Tree remnants
  •         Cardboard
  •         Plastic
  •         Paper
  •         Metal scraps

There are other specialty items included, like pallets and mixed wastes that might be generated through the demolition of buildings. These items can all be considered job sites or production wastes and can be disposed of under the heading of construction and demolition wastes.

The reason that these items are considered acceptable to be disposed of is that many of these products will be recycled to make new products. Hazardous wastes and materials are not allowed to be mixed into these materials and cannot be disposed of in the same way.

What Are Considered Hazardous Wastes on Florida Project Sites?

florida job site waste disposal

Florida considers hazardous wastes to be wastes that might be corrosive, ignitable, toxic, or reactive. There are some items that might be generated as wastes at a job site that could fall under this other heading, especially in demolition jobs. These items might include:

  •         Oil
  •         Gasoline
  •         Asbestos
  •         Machines
  •         Generators
  •         Cyanides
  •         Acids
  •         Batteries

If you have these kinds of wastes to attend to related to your job site, the rules that govern them are different than those that govern recyclable wastes. You will likely have to work with a special organization to handle hazardous wastes, and you will need to be careful to keep these items away from the other wastes that can be recycled.

What Does a Job Site Waste Pickup Cost?

The costs for the disposal of these materials can vary. Most companies will charge per ton or yard, and the cost will vary based on the kind of item that is in each load of waste. Construction debris is usually around $30-$50 per ton. Fill dirt will be charged at a much lower rate, around $10 or less per yard.

Heavy items like pea rock and drain field rock will cost you more to have picked up and will be charged at around $30 a ton. The recycling disposal costs are always the most reasonable and are usually about $10 a yard or ton. Sometimes the costs per yard or ton can vary per city location since some areas of the state are harder to access or might be farther away from the recycling center.

You can see how much more affordable it would be to have a service remove your job site wastes than to send employees to remove small loads of material every day. This is also a much more effective way to handle large amounts of waste and to reduce environmental impact at the same time.

Why is it Better to Use a Waste Service to Handle Florida Job Site Waste?

As previously mentioned, you will run up a much larger bill for your job if you are sending your waste to be disposed of one small truckload at a time. This is due to the gas bill for the smaller vehicles that are carrying the waste and the charge per load that is often assessed at the dump. You will also be impacting the environment by wasting fuel and sending one small car out over and over to handle this volume of waste.

Having the right company pick up your waste can also make it much less likely that large piles of waste will build up on your job site’s property. Sorting materials is much easier as well when you have predesignated bins on-site for each kind of material. Having the experts remove your various job site wastes properly and promptly will save you money and reduce the chance that waste will get in the way of work at your site.

Working With a Skilled Disposal Company Matters

disposing of job site waste in florida 

If you have a job site that you are managing and you want to be sure that the wastes you are generating are disposed of correctly, you will need to work with a skilled recycling and disposal company. Having access to the right waste bins and an affordable contract can make waste disposal much easier and less stressful overall for your needs.

The volume of waste that a job site can generate can be overwhelming if you are trying to attend to it one small truckload at a time. You will find that there is no easy way to handle job site waste without the proper disposal bins and containers. We are able to provide you with all the support that you need to take care of your job site or production wastes at a great price.

Contact us today to start disposing of your job site waste or production wastes the easy way!

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