Recycle metal in the florida area

How To Recycle Metal in The Florida Area

Scrap metal is a valuable material, essential to many different consumer goods and products we use daily; including appliances, batteries, cans, and plenty more. With the consistent demand for this material and its resiliency to being recycled repeatedly, there has never been a better time to begin recycling metal in the Florida area. To not only help keep the supply of metal out of landfills across the world but also make some money along the way, you can take part in recycling buy-back programs near you. 

To promote eco-friendly habits, help the environment, and receive an incentive for your actions, it is always a good idea to recycle scrap metals. Recycling emits less carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the atmosphere and it requires less energy – making the entire process eco-friendly. Plus, with its growing popularity recycling has helped create a mass amount of jobs while helping to better the planet simultaneously. 

To learn more about recycling metals, what common household items can be collected, the benefits recycling has on the Earth, and why you should participate in a local recycling initiative, read on.

Why It’s Important to Recycle Metals in Florida? 

Various metals can be recycled over and over again, without losing their properties or value. Due to this, there is no limit to how many times a piece of metal can be recycled, especially if it has already served its purpose and can be used again after being recycled properly. 

Metal is also in limited supply, and unlike glass or plastic which can be manufactured – more aluminum, copper, and steel cannot be made. Instead, metals must be recycled to keep up with the supply and demand for this material. 

Even if you aren’t sure where to start, there are probably tons of metals lying around your home that hold value and can be recycled to earn money. But keep in mind, most recycling plants will only pay by the pound, so your collection needs to be pretty hefty before you can bring it in and get a payout in return.

What Are The Common Metal Household Items in Florida That Can be Recycled? 

Recycle metal in Florida region.

To get started on your metal recycling journey, it is important to know exactly what can be recycled. Many of these items can be found around the house or in the garage, typically serving no purpose, giving you even more reason to collect and recycle these goods. 

Here are some of the most common household items that can be recycled: 

  • Aluminum foil 
  • Aluminum cans 
  • Pop tabs 
  • Bottle caps 
  • Metal lids (from glass jars) 
  • Aerosol cans 
  • Paint cans 
  • Clothing hangers 
  • Copper pipes  
  • Auto parts

Preparations For Recycling Metal in The Florida Area

While it is easy to recycle and make a conscious effort to help the planet, there are a couple of steps you should take to prepare to recycle your metals successfully. 

  • When it comes to scrap metal there is one rule of thumb, that a product must be at least 50% metal for a recycling plant to accept the material. 
  • If you have different products with a little bit of metal on them, try to separate the metal so that you can recycle it separately, allowing it to be put to use in another future form. 
  • Identify whether your metals are ferrous (containing iron) or nonferrous (everything else) with a magnet, to learn more about what will be of value when recycling. If it sticks to the magnet it is ferrous, if it doesn’t stick then it is nonferrous. 
  • Find a local metal recycling buy-back center near you. If you’re in the central Florida area, GEL Recycling can be a great option for recycling not only metals but various paper and cardboard materials too. 
  • Make sure you bring your ID because most recycling centers will require this upon entrance, part of an initiative to help prevent stealing from local scrap metal yards. 
  • If you are considering working with GEL Recycling in Florida, there has been a law passed in the state that requires you to obtain proof of ownership for products including water meters, storm grates, manhole covers, and many other goods that are easily stolen and sold from local scrap yards. 

By knowing these things before recycling and taking your collection to a center near you, you can be better prepared for your next recycling trip. This will make it easier to earn some extra money while helping recycle metals we can’t manufacture ourselves. 

Benefits of Recycling Metals in Florida 

Recycling Metal in Florida

No matter what motivates you to recycle metals, whether you enjoy earning a little bit of extra money each month, you want to make more of a conscious effort to help the planet, or you just want to support a local program where you’re from – there are plenty of benefits to consider when it comes to recycling metals. 

To not only be motivated but driven in your recycling efforts – here are some of the benefits that occur when metals are recycled and given the chance to be repurposed in our communities. 

Save Energy By Recycling Metal in Florida Region 

During the process of metal recycling, the energy usage is very small. When recycling common household items made of aluminum, the energy released and used has decreased by 93%, making it an even more eco-friendly approach towards helping the planet. 

Aluminum, the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, is one of the most recycled materials. Recovering aluminum to be recycled is not only economically viable but energy-efficient and ecologically sound.” (BIR)

Metal Recycling Will Help Slow Landfill Growth In Florida

Keep in mind, recycling metals is essential for metal ores but it can also help to slow down the growth of landfills all over the world. If everyone can take time to recycle metals, we can reduce the amount going into landfills significantly. 

While metals are biodegradable over time, this is a long process that can be avoided by repurposing metals and making new materials out of what is recycled.

Metal Recycling Will Help to Reduce Waste Disposal in the Florida Area

While recycling common metals such as aluminum, solids will generate but these volumes are significantly smaller when compared to the non-recycled production of aluminum materials. Not to mention, the mass of solid waste generated per ton of recycled aluminum is 85% lower than that of primary metal. 

Reduce Hazardous Waste Generation in Florida By Recycling Metals

When recycling aluminum materials, you will help to reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. This will help prevent environmental hazards and raw material consumption, while also protecting scarce resources and reducing pollutants in our environment. 

Recycling Metals Will Reduce Emissions in Florida

While recycling aluminum has some air quality challenges, the numbers have still reduced considerably when being compared to numbers during aluminum manufacturing. The amount of CO2 being released per ton of metal has been reduced by 95%, just by recycling and reusing these materials. 

Earn Extra Money in Florida Area By Recycling Metals

Metal is a material that can help you make some extra money since it is usually paid for by the pound when it is brought into a local buy-back center. If you have a lot of nonferrous metals in your collection, such as aluminum, copper, lead, tin, brass, or gold – they will be worth a lot more per pound. 

Metal Recycling Will Help to Create More Jobs in Florida Area

While many benefits come from recycling metals, it is very important to know that the efforts towards recycling have also helped to create more jobs, thus benefiting communities where this initiative has made an impact. Plus, it can also help to generate more local and state tax revenues. 

Over the time that recycling metals has gained popularity, there has been a significant increase in job availability, giving people the opportunity to earn higher wages while gaining insight into recycling and the ways it can help our environment. 

Start Recycling Metal in The Florida Area 

Metal Recycling in The Florida

To promote eco-friendly efforts, make some extra money, see new job opportunities continue to grow, and start making a change where you are local – there has never been a better time to start recycling scrap metal. 

With plenty of items to recycle simply lying around your home or garage, there is no telling what you might find when you take note of what’s of value and collect various materials to take to your local recycling center. While this may be a bit of a learning process, it will be worth it to be more eco-friendly and take an extra step to help reuse metals, giving new life to something that can’t be manufactured or made but is in demand daily. 

To start making a change where you are, take the time to find a local recycling program near you. This will not only give you the chance to earn some extra money every couple of months, but this will allow you to take a stand and help make the world a better place. By making a conscious effort to go green while advocating for the environment, you can help to make a difference in your community each day. 

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