GEL in the News

List of the largest mixed C&D recyclers

C&DR ranks the largest processor of C&D materials in the US today every year. GEL is proud to have made it onto their prestigious list of the 20 largest recyclers of this kind for 2021! Construction and Demolition recycling is one of the most important and necessary recycling processes that is followed in the US

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Questions about grapple truck services

How much can a grapple truck lift? The average grapple truck can list about 7,100 pounds. Grapple trucks can do a lot of lifting that other truck styles cannot due to their unique design. This kind of truck offers 360 degrees of motion for easy access to wastes and debris that you could not get

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GEL News

GEL Recycling has recently received a grant from the US Can Manufacturer’s Institute to help fund their beverage can recovery operation. The Florida-based company will use these funds to purchase metal detectors that will be used for its optical sorting system. This grant will allow for improved recycling of aluminum cans at the location and

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