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Frequently Asked Questions for Grapple Truck Services

Grapple truck

How much can a grapple truck lift?

The average grapple truck can list about 7,100 pounds. Grapple trucks can do a lot of lifting that other truck styles cannot due to their unique design. This kind of truck offers 360 degrees of motion for easy access to wastes and debris that you could not get picked up any other way.

Is a grapple truck a dump truck?

A grapple trunk is not a dump truck, but it does have a dump truck body on a truck chassis. The grapple truck loads the dump truck body to take away refuse and debris. The grapple portion is attached to the dump truck body to make the truck more versatile and useful for these kinds of jobs.

What can be picked up with a grapple truck?

Grapple trucks are strong and powerful vehicles that can be used for all kinds of waste removal. You can remove bulky trash, municipal wastes, and even industrial wastes. These trucks have dump bodies, roll-offs, and flatbed style options for various different uses. Grapple trucks are perfect for tough jobs that other kinds of trucks cannot handle.

How much do grapple trucks weigh?

The average grapple truck weighs 33,000 pounds. There is some variety in the size and weight of these vehicles, but they will all be able to perform with roughly the same amount of lifting power. The weight of the truck is partially due to the 20-foot boom, the telescoping extensions, and the dump truck body.

How much does it cost to rent a grapple truck?

The cost to rent a grapple truck can vary. You should expect around $200 an hour for renting this kind of vehicle. This can be well worth the expense if you have a lot of trash to move around that you cannot pick up with any other kind of vehicle. Rentals for longer can be done at a discounted rate in some cases, but you will have to ask about contracting with each company that you decide to work with.

What can you do with a grapple truck?

The most common use for grapple trucks in the US is to pick up trees, leaves, grass clippings, and other wastes. These might be contained in piles, bags, or even waste carts. Most of the kinds of debris that are picked up are large and awkward, and bulky. This is the main reason to use a grapple truck for your clean-up process since you will struggle to pick up this debris any other way.

Is a grapple truck safe to use?

Grapple trucks are much safer to operate than other kinds of trucks because their lifting power is balanced in a much more effective way than other large trucks. Grapple trucks will not be unstable while lifting heavy loads, and they can load difficult and oddly shaped materials into the dump portion of the truck with ease. This is a big benefit when compared to working with other heavy equipment as well as a dump truck. You will save money and be able to operate your job in safety when you would usually not be able to do so.

Are grapple trucks able to get into spaces that other trucks can’t?

Grapple trucks are effective in locations where you would not usually be able to place a truck because of the reach of the grapple arm. You will be able to reach areas that you would not normally be able to get to without this kind of truck. This can be of major assistance if you have a tough job site to access and you can’t get the items that need to be picked up to the dump truck without lots of additional equipment. You can save money and provide easier access to your clean-up job with a grapple truck which is why this is often the selected solution for tough clean-up jobs. The balanced design of the grapple truck, combined with the 360-degree rotation of the arm, always makes it easy to pick up debris of various kinds, even in less-than-ideal locations.

What is a grapple bucket?

A grapple bucket is attached to the grapple arm on the grapple truck. This device can be found in other kinds of heavy equipment, and it is used to pick up heavy items or cumbersome items and drop them off in the dump truck portion of the grapple truck. Grapple buckets can come in various styles for different types of jobs, and some grapple trucks will have specialty grapple buckets for specific jobs. You will find that the standard style is good enough for almost any job that needs to be done, but companies that use their grapple trucks regularly will often have a wide array of grapple buckets to use for different kinds of jobs.

Can the boom arm reach to either side of the truck?

In most cases, a grapple truck boom arm can be turned 360 degrees so it can reach both sides of the truck. This makes it a great choice if there is debris in various locations in an area that cannot be accessed without maneuvering a regular truck around to multiple locations. If you only have limited access to a dump site and need to be able to pick up items with ease, a grapple truck is your best bet for this task. The flexibility and positioning power of the boom arm makes a grapple truck really effective in situations like this, and residential and construction cleanup are much easier with this kind of truck on site.

How is a grapple truck unloaded?

Most grapple trucks have traditional dump truck bodies which means that they can be unloaded like a regular dump truck. A flatbed truck might tilt to unload or might have to be unloaded with the grapple arm itself. There are various unloading styles depending on the unique style of grapple truck and the choice of which kind of truck to use for a job has a lot to do with the kind of debris that needs to be cleaned up.

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