List of the largest mixed C&D recyclers

GEL Makes the List of the Largest Mixed C&D Recyclers

C&DR ranks the largest processor of C&D materials in the US today every year. GEL is proud to have made it onto their prestigious list of the 20 largest recyclers of this kind for 2021! Construction and Demolition recycling is one of the most important and necessary recycling processes that is followed in the US today and GEL takes this part of its services very seriously. There are often serious risks associated with incorrect procedures associated with C&D recycling and having the right experience and processes in place is necessary to provide these services to clients.

GEL takes pride in servicing customers in Florida and Georgia, making sure that C&D wastes are not improperly removed from properties or incorrectly disposed of. Businesses that sort and process this kind of material help make it possible for this waste to be converted into other materials that can be reused later. The wastes that are removed and recycled by GEL and other companies in this niche can be used to make roads, buildings, and other useful items. Without the efforts of companies like GEL, it would be very hard to maximize the recycling potential of construction and demolition wastes.

Processing C&D Quickly and Effectively Matters

To make the prestigious C&DR list, GEL had to be one of the companies in the C&D space that processed the most waste in a year. The only way to achieve this goal is to have a reliable and effective sorting process in place. GEL makes sure that the C&D wastes that are generated by clients are carefully and safely removed and then sorted appropriately to eliminate any unnecessary waste. Companies like GEL cannot make this prestigious list without having a correct and effective sorting and recycling process in place.

This is one of the key elements of GEL’s operating structure. Without attention to detail and a carefully-constructed sorting and processing workflow, unnecessary waste can occur and the process of sorting and reusing materials can be delayed significantly. Being able to return construction and demolition wastes to usable products is a point of pride for GEL and this is one of the most important services that they provide to Florida and Georgia.

In Mixed C&D Recycling Skill and Experience Matter

GEL has been a leader in the waster services industry for more than 35 years. GEL operated with confidence, knowledge, and experience that cannot be accessed when working with other companies. GEL uses up-to-date and effective sorting and recycling processes that make it possible for them to process high volumes of recycling each year. GEL offers hauling services, recycling for businesses and residential locations, disposal services, land clearing services, and construction and demolition clean-up. All of these services are essential to maintaining clean and healthy communities and to supporting the welfare of the planet as well.

GEL has recycled more than a million tons of waste and continues to add to this number every week. GEL also takes great pride in saving 661,912 years each year. A major contributing factor to these impressive numbers is GEL’s efforts with C&D processes. If you want to be sure that you will get demolition services that you can count on and service that is prompt and professional, there is no better company to work with.

Mixed C&D recyclers


Why Is It So Important to Recycle C&D Waste Correctly?

Construction and demolition wastes have to be disposed of carefully for a variety of reasons. These sites can generate wastes that are composed of mixed materials, some of which are harmful. You will also need to work with a company that has the power to sort and filter these wastes to extract the materials that can be reused. If there is any risk of harmful materials in the C&D wastes, GEL can make sure that the right companies are contacted to help remove these wastes.

There are different levels of care that these kinds of jobs can need. If you have a C&D job that you need to be taken care of, you should never work with a company that does not have a lot of experience with these jobs due to the risks associated with these kinds of materials and the dangers of mixed materials being handled incorrectly. GEL has years of experience with these kinds of wastes and can recognize risky materials when they are present at job sites.

GEL is so successful at cleaning up these kinds of jobs due to their experience in this industry and you will never regret the peace of mind that comes along with having access to the best in the business. C&DR recognizes the skill and production of companies like GEL for not only their production each year but also for the overall quality of their work. You can trust GEL to tackle all of your recycling needs with ease and to be there for you when you have a cleanup job that needs immediate attention or one that will take some time to complete.

GEL Provides Expert Construction and Demolition Services


List of the largest mixed C&D recyclers

GEL’s recognition as one of the largest Mixed C&D Recyclers in the US today for 2021 just provides yet more evidence that GEL is the best company for your needs when you have a C&D job that needs attention. You will be thrilled with the attention to detail and skill that GEL brings to every job and your C&D clean-up will proceed smoothly and quickly. You will also get the peace of mind that your clean-up job has contributed to recycled materials that will go into new buildings, streets, and other materials that are essential for daily life.

GEL takes the process of creating recycling solutions that are highly effective very seriously. Giving back to other industries and saving the environment is very important and it is central to the work that GEL does. You can trust that your C&D clean-up will be done effectively, correctly, and on a quick timeline. GEL takes pride in handling these mixed C&D jobs efficiently, and their recognition as one of the leading C&D recyclers in 2021 reflects this fact.

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